In retirement

Retirement is the time for enjoying what you’ve worked hard for, at your pace. Whatever retirement means for you, we want to ensure it’s free of financial worry.

Peace of mind for your retirement years

It can be natural to feel slightly cautious when it comes to your finances in retirement. Many people worry about their investment returns and the longevity of their money, or whether they can remain in a financially stable position for their lifestyle. Our purpose is to provide confidence and reassurance for the future.

We will help you determine what you’ll need for the rest of your retirement; from how much you can spend and enjoy now, to how much to keep aside for any later life needs. We’ll then put a plan in place to ensure you stay on track. All you need to do is live life to the fullest.


Your capital is at risk. The value of your investment (and any income from them) can go down as well as up which would have an impact on the level of pension benefits available.  

The tax implications of pension withdrawals will be based on your individual circumstances, tax legislation and regulation which are subject to change in the future.

How we help

Your income in retirement

We understand the importance of your income in retirement and making sure it supports your lifestyle. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to fund this stage.

Tax efficiency

We will ensure your assets, pensions and investments are structured in a way that maximises tax-saving opportunities, so you can get more from your capital.

Inheritance Tax planning

We’ll help you effectively manage your Inheritance Tax bill, enabling you to transfer some of your wealth to your loved ones in the most tax-efficient way.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax planning.

Enjoying your retirement

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll make sure you’re able to make the most of these years, spending according to your wealth and living without worry or regret.